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Let me tell you about Us!

Welcome to Empowered Community Outreach Services (ECOS) home page. We are excited to share our work and services we provide in the tri-county area of the state of Michigan. ECOS was founded in October 2019 by our CEO Mrs. Najwa Dahdah who has served diverse communities over 38 years combined in the Early childhood profession, Banking industry, and retail/customer service. Mrs. Dahdah had first-hand experiences and faced many challenges as most individuals and families face in today’s communities and society. As an Arab/American immigrant that has immigrated from Jordan to the United States at age 11, Mrs. Dahdah and her family faced many challenges with the English language, advocacy, financial support, acculturation, and assimilation in a new country. While she and her siblings assimilated into the United States within a couple of years, her parents faced difficulties and needed services and advocacy that was not much available in her younger years.  


The Who...the founder

The why...we do what we do

Through adversities Mrs. Dahdah faced and witnessed of the community, she knew she had to get to work. As she continued to climb the career ladder and further education, she decided to start a non-profit organization to support diverse communities with the multiple resources available to them at no charge.

The How...connecting to make a change

As Mrs. Dahdah began to think of the programs to offer, she believed in the amazing programs that are already in existence and knew there was not enough outreach, resource, and referral organizations to connect individuals and families in need. It was then that she decided that ECOS would be a great CONNECTOR to resources and referrals at no cost or minimal cost to serve the needs of communities while CHANGING LIVES. Through her 38 years of combined professional expertise, passion, commitment, and advocacy, she has become an outstanding spokesperson for children, families, and individuals through cultural inclusion, equity, dignity, and respect of self and others.

Over the past 20 years, Mrs. Dahdah has climbed the career ladder in the early childhood profession through continued education and ongoing professional development.  Mrs. Dahdah understands that Life can take us in different directions where an individual may not be able to continue college education should they need to care for family, loved ones, and other circumstances. She is grateful to the Michigan T.E.A.C.H.for  RE-IGNITING HER love for education by securing the majority (80%) of the financial obligation to achieve her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education Leadership/Administration.

Today, she stands proud to say through the four T.E.A.C.H. scholarships, she has become an entrepreneur, advocate, culturally competent educator, a college professor, and a non-profit founder/CEO of ECOS. We believe that we have earned the trust from early childhood providers and organizations to entrust us to lead the way with their early childhood business needs.

The what...What we do best

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