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Alexander Bio-Cont.

Alexander has held numerous internship positions in multiple industries and is always looking for ways to sharpen his accounting/office expertise. The reason Alexander was so fascinated with the field of Accounting is because he loves problem-solving and the way businesses and organizations need to solve problems and make critical decisions constantly. This constant need for business decisions brings a challenge that a solid background in Accounting will equip the necessary knowledge for.


Experience & Qualifications List

  1. Pursuing B.S. in Accounting

  2. Held an internship with a global automotive company learning Business Enterprise Software’s such as ORACLE

  3. Processing invoices and assisting with Bank Reconciliations

  4. Assisted Treasury Team with quarterly earnings reports to CFO

  5. Nearly 4 years of relevant office experience



After pursuing my degree in Accounting, I would like to become a CPA and gain industry experience until I may branch out and start my own practice or one day strive to become a CFO. The reason for this is because I want to be in a position where I could breed change and improvements for any organization, I am a part of. Culture for any organization is essential and I feel that being in a position someday where I could manifest a team-oriented culture is a passion of mine.



I enjoy playing guitar or going running in my free time. All types of music interest me and I enjoy learning about how music is made. Something I am driven and fascinated by is data; I like to make informed decisions based on data/research rather than being uninformed. Data for me is not more important than communication amongst a team. Communication is absolutely essential in any organization or company.

Said Dahdah

Said Dahdah is a proud member of a wonderful team that offered tremendous work to the community. Said also helped with the creation and growth of Welcoming Empowered Network.

Said has a lot of experience of Child Development and he is a CPR instructor as well as he is very proud to attend the Macomb Community College at the age of 55 and be a major part of translating the CDA Competency Standards Books into Arabic.


Darlene Miller - Quality compliance, Technology, and Graphic design professional


Successful experience in the world of technology and innovation, with a wide-ranging and diverse background in technology and has worked with Wayne County and Starfish Family services where she has accomplished an abundance of assigned tasks while simultaneously recognizing a need for, and completing, other tasks not assigned to her.



  • Created database system for Early | Head Start collection of data.  This included monitoring of programs for compliance and correct data for reporting for staff, parents, and stakeholders which included the annual report and 9 federal reports that went to the government, with a very high nationwide successful report rate for children and families getting the needed services.

  • Created many Websites, as well as multi-media presentations and all handouts for program marketing and communications.

  • Associate degree in Graphic Design

  • ​Instituted a paperless program using a database.

  • Created a policy book for Early Childhood

  • Gave presentations in Lansing regarding the process of collecting data for babies and children for 4 consecutive years.  

  • Created many "How To" manuals for staff

  • Successful in creating a technology support desk for over 500 staff.


My name is Josephine Mary Khazouz, I am Jordanian- Egyptian, and I currently reside in Sydney, Australia. I was born and raised in the Metro-Detroit area.  I am 24 years old and a  junior at Wayne State University. My major is  Food and Nutrition Sciences. I care about family, art, environmental and social justice. I am interested in making a difference through community work and cultural immersion.


Michael Dahdah is a sophomore at Utica High School. He enjoys playing sports in his spare time. Michael assists the organization with making enrollment packets, collecting paperwork from training sites, assist with functions by setting up and breaking  down the set up. Michael’s warm and welcoming smile is always a joy to have at the door of our events by greeting attendees and leading them to their seats. We appreciate Michael’s time and his young youth leadership skills.  


Hi, my name is Julie Khazouz. I am a 23 year old cat mom from Livonia, MI. I currently work as a Marketing Specialist in the Trucking industry. I graduated in 2018 with my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Wayne State University. I am honored to be part of ECOS because we are making a positive change in our community.


Jaime Odister is a professional with years of experience with nonprofit organizations in the city of Detroit.  Her experience in Head Start stems from working as a delegate agency and as a grantee three times over.  Jaime’s work included introducing quality initiatives and systems promoting collaboration amongst content areas and systems to uphold local, state and Head Start regulations and standards. 

Jaime has worked for several local Head Start Grantee's serving in roles that range from the Program Support Manager to the Quality Assurance/Management Information Systems Officer.  In those roles, Jaime focused on training and developing Board members to the overall aspects of Head Start, integrating strategic planning into agency goals, service planning, and cross-content monitoring while introducing quality techniques and strategies to streamline processes and procedures.

Jaime holds a Master of Science in Administration degree in Information Resource Management and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Integrated Information Technology. 

Jaime has extensive experience in mentoring and training and her driving force is people, processes and results ensuring that her audience learns in a fun, interactive and engaging environment.  Jaime is excited to be a part of the team at First Children’s Finance and is looking forward to increasing the sustainability and supply of high quality early care and education in Michigan.


Our Early Childhood Programs

  • Childcare center at UNI (coming soon)

  • Age groups pre k ages 3-5 bi-lingual Spanish

  • Age groups pre k ages 3-5 bi-lingual Arabic

Translation services

  • Arabic

  • Spanish

  • Resources and referrals (for other language services)

Employment & Training services

  • Employment training and skill development

  • CDA credentialing

  • CPR | First Aid Training

  • Microsoft office

  • Customer service

  • Hospitality

  • Employer resource, referral & recruitment

  • Job Posting

Early Childhood Development

  • FREE Early childhood Professional development training

  • Cultural diversity and competency

  • Childcare business start up

  • Home base and center base

  • Home visiting program

  • Infant Mental Health

  • Advocacy

  • Leadership and mentorship


Links to Early Childhood Resources


Youth and Education

  • Enrichment programs

  • Mentorship program

  • Emerging leaders


Foster Care | Adoption

  • Resources and referrals

  • Becoming a foster parent

  • Support groups


Health & Human Services

  • Application Assistance

  • Food Banks 

  • Free Food Programs (<18 yrs)

  • Benefits assistance

  • Health Care Program


Elderly Care​


Mental Health

  • Self-Care

  • Substance abuse

  • Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)


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